VIEVE is born from an innate passion for artistry and a deep understanding of the positive impact makeup can have. It’s high performance, aspirational yet accessible, created by makeup pro and beloved beauty digital creator, Jamie Genevieve.

Having trained as a makeup artist, Jamie developed an unbreakable bond with her clients, and to this day, she has a deep connection with her loyal social media audience.

"I love hearing about everyone’s unique relationship with beauty, their individual stories and the positive impact makeup can have. I’m constantly inspired by my audience whether it’s their style, their kindness, their strength, their charisma, it’s the little quirks that spark creativity."

These precious conversations revealed to Jamie that certain needs weren’t being met when it came to makeup. 

”There was a feeling of being overwhelmed with choice so it was important to me as I developed the brand that VIEVE was a collaborative process guided by my audience. I knew I had to create something that felt effortless but still delivered.”


The results? A beauty brand built upon inclusivity, self-expression and positivity.

"100% vegan and cruelty free, it’s versatile, beautifully blendable makeup,” explains Jamie. “You can wear it your way, from easy modern neutrals, to experimental looks that express your individuality.”


VIEVE means ‘Full of Life’ and this ethos is at the core of the brand. Beauty with personality that inspires everyone to express themselves with newfound confidence and ease.

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