Makeup Tips

How To Apply Your Blush and Bronzer

We’re putting the record straight.

‘How do I apply blush and bronzer’ is one of the most searched makeup questions, so we thought we’d create a speedy guide with the help of makeup artist and VIEVE founder, Jamie Genevieve. All you need is your favourite bronzer, blush and makeup brushes to get started. 


Mix Up Your Brushes 

First and foremost, when it comes to applying blusher and bronzer, Jamie’s non-negotiable is use the right brushes, or even fingers! “I love to use my hands and fingers if I’m using a cream blush, but always a brush for powder for a seamless finish.” 


For those who prefer powder blusher and bronzer, opt for a full, fluffy brush to sweep across the face, then a tightly packed, tapered brush is brilliant for adding definition. A large brush will give soft, diffused colour while a denser more tightly packed brush will give pigment and precision. 


Where To Place Your Bronzer

Bronzer is the best way to instantly warm up your complexion. For a very natural-looking finish, apply your bronzer just below your cheekbone, along your jawline, down the sides of your nose and around your hairline. “This is the perfect way to add warmth whether you’re using cream or powder bronzer,” says Jamie. “VIEVE Modern Bronzer has a lighter shade to add warmth all over the face and a slightly darker tone to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking definition in seconds.”


For a more sculpted finish, the classic trick is to apply an extra layer of bronzer in a three-shape from your temples, around your cheekbones and down to your jawline. However, Jamie recommends focusing the darker shade onto the very tops of your cheekbones, close to your hairline. Try it on one side of your face and you’ll notice how it lifts your entire face - you might never go back. 



How To Add Blusher

"When it comes to adding blusher, a lot of people think it only belongs on the apples of the cheeks, but there are no rules. I love playing with my blush application depending on how I want to look," says Jamie.


If you’re a fan of Jamie’s higher placement of bronzer, add a touch of blusher onto the very tops on your cheekbones and blend. It’ll add the slightest hint of colour to lift and brighten. For those who want a stronger look with a nod to the 80’s, buff colour at the end of the brow towards the temples, using the blush shade to extend any eye makeup. We recommend trying this finish with a punchier shade of blusher, such as Sorbet, or Malbec


While these are our top tips, it’s about having fun with your makeup and seeing what works for you. Every single VIEVE product has been designed to be used in multiple ways to give you the power to wear it your way. Don’t forget to share your looks with us @VIEVEmuse using #VIEVE.