Makeup Tips


Makeup artists Jamie Genevieve and Levi-Jade Taylor share their top tips and tricks on how to cheat a fuller-looking pout.


Lip liner first, lipstick second. Right? Well, not necessarily says Jamie Genevieve, VIEVE founder, as she throws the rule book out the window when in favour of wanting a more natural pout.

“Create a lovely, hydrating base colour using VIEVE Modern Matte Lipstick. Make sure your lip liner is sharp using the VIEVE Sharpener, and push out your lip line. Want to give the illusion of bigger lips? Overline by focussing on the centre of your lips for a more natural look. Already have full lips? Simply follow your natural lip line to enhance your pout.”

Perfecting your pout line is all in the application says Levi:

“I always curve from the outer edge upwards as that gives you more of a natural defined line and cupids bow. I also fill in the outer corners with lip liner as it gives your lipstick something to grip onto, making it last longer’”


The secret to natural-looking lips is ensuring your lip liner is symmetrical which is easier said than done. Levi shares her backstage beauty trick to get voluminous, even lips every time with VIEVE Modern Lip Definer.

“Look into a mirror and tilt your head down until your lips look like a straight line. This angle provides an accurate view of your lips, seeing any areas which are too high or low, so that you can perfect the volume.”


Pairing your lip liner and lipstick together can create a more natural look but be your own makeup artist by playing with pairings. Whilst you can enhance your lip line with a complementary colour to your lips, add definition by using a deeper shade. Get inspired by the iconic nude lip of the nineties by lining lips with two nude shades before applying a gloss over the top using Jamie’s Everyday Glossy Lip Kit. The combinations are endless says Jamie:

“I believe there are no rules when it comes to makeup - whatever makes you feel your best is perfect! A good method to help navigate lip colours is to match in with your skin tone; if you have a paler complexion, try paler shades for a natural look or go deeper for a statement lip. For deeper skin tones; try a darker shade close to your complexion for a subtle look or go lighter for a pop of colour.”