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How to Find the Best Blusher For You

Blusher can often be overlooked, but it is the best way to help add some life back into your complexion. A hint of a natural flush across your cheeks never fails to make you look healthy and well-rested. Finding your perfect blusher is easier than you think too...

Cream vs Powder Blusher

Choosing between a cream and powder blusher is a matter of preference. Traditionally cream blushers were assumed to work well for dry skin types as they have a slight tackiness to them, while powder formulas were recommended for oily to combination skin. However, the new generation powder formulas, like our award-winning VIEVE Sunset Blush, are finely milled and have a satiny texture, making it far easier to build and blend. “Regardless of your skin type, go with the texture you feel most comfortable applying and wearing,” suggests makeup artist and VIEVE founder, Jamie Genevieve. 

How To Find The Right Shade Of Blush

Ideally you want a shade that mimics how you flush naturally. Gently pinching your cheek will steer you in the right direction. Here are a few extra pointers to help you find your perfect shade. 

If you have a paler skin tone: Soft, rosy pinks, like Cherub are a very safe bet to give you that natural-looking flush. “Pesca is another great option as it can add understated warmth to fairer complexions.”  says Jamie. “It’s a gorgeous, soft peachy shade, which feels fresh and modern, especially when you apply it on top of your VIEVE Modern Bronzer.”

If you have an olive skin tone: Warm, coral tones, including bestseller, Pesca, looks incredible against olive and medium skin tones. Piazza is another great option, the antique rose shade bridges the gap between a bronzer and a blush, delivering a warm sun-kissed flush. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, try Sorbet, which offers a brighter pop of colour for summer. “Gently sweep it along your cheekbones or layer it up for a stronger, punchier tone,” says Jamie. 

If you have a darker skin tone: Rich and robust berry tones, such as Piazza and Malbec will look gorgeous on your skin. Avoid blushers than don’t have a strong pigment as these might leave you looking washed out. 

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