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Jamie’s 5 Essential Makeup Hacks

These will change your life.

‘What’s your best makeup tip?’ is the question I get asked the most. Sharing just one tip would be impossible, so I’ve revealed the five essential makeup hacks that make a real difference for me. I’m a big believer in using makeup to express yourself and some of my best makeup hacks have come out of experimenting with my favourite products. These makeup tips may not all work for you, but give them a go, have fun and don’t forget to share the results over @VIEVEmuse.

Hack 1: My Lifting Blusher Trick

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional way of applying blusher - swirling a big, fluffy brush onto the apples of your cheeks - but, if you’re looking for a lifted, healthy looking glow, it’s worth rethinking the placement. Rather than focusing your blush on the middle of your cheeks where they’re plumpest, take it higher up to the tops of your cheekbones. I blend my Sunset Blush right up to my temples, blending it into my bronzer for a seamless glow. I find my go-to shades at the moment are Sorbet and Piazza, but I’m always mixing it up depending on my makeup mood.

Hack 2: How To Get Fuller-Looking Lips

Opt for a lip liner that’s one or two shades darker than you are naturally - mine is Modern Lip Definer in Brat or Bark. You’ll get more definition by going darker rather than trying to match your natural lip shade, trust me. Start from the outer corners of your lips, following the natural outline. Slightly overdraw your lip line when you reach the Cupid’s bow to create the illusion of fuller-looking, kissable lips. I always colour in the rest of my lips before I apply Modern Matte Lipstick.

Hack 3: My Game-Changing Graphic Eye Technique

If, like me, you have round eyes, don’t take your liner all the way into the inner corner of your eye. Instead, trace your liner from the outer corner to the middle of your eye. This will give you more of an almond-shaped finish and accentuate your eyes. I love to use the Eye Wand in Raven with a small eyeshadow brush as you can create a strong, straight line, or gently blend for a softer, diffused finish. If you have slightly oily eyelids (me too!) and find your eye makeup always smudges, prep your eye with a neutral Eye Wand shade first.

Hack 4: How To Create A Dewy Glow

Whether you’re wearing full coverage foundation, a tinted moisturiser or you’ve merely touched up with concealer, adding a hint of highlighter can make a huge difference to your look. Take a powder or liquid highlighter (I recommend Skin Dew) and press it onto the tops of your cheekbones using your fingers. I love adding a touch on my forehead, just above my brows, for a super radiant, dewy finish. If you want to up the ante even more, apply Skin Dew over the tops of your shoulders, decolletage and down the front of your shins for a beautiful all-over sheen.

Hack 5: My Speedy Smoky Eye

A smoky eye is a classic look, but so many people struggle with it. A good eye palette and a couple of brushes makes a huge difference. My biggest tip would be to start with your lighter shades and work towards the deeper, smoky tones. Blend a transition shade over the lid with a large fluffy brush as a canvas for your dark brown/black shades and you'll find that they'll buff on top like a dream! Prep your eyes with our neutralising Eye Wand in a shade close to your skin tone before applying a base shade - I use Buff from The Essential Palette. Apply a darker shade (I use Delicious from the same palette) onto the outer corners of your eyes and blend with a fluffy brush. Save a shimmery shade for the inner corners of your eyes to lift and brighten - I love Glimmer for this. Finish by blending the darker shade along your lower lash line before applying lashings of mascara. Once you’ve got the basics down it’s easy to experiment with other colours; I love using Ciao and Cosy from The Essential Palette to create a brighter modern take on a smoky eye.

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