The modern is natural beauty with a twist, think classic with an edge.



Prep the skin with Skin Nova for a long-lasting radiant complexion. Apply concealer with the 119 Conceal & Prime Brush, then use the 117 Foundation Brush to buff in foundation for a perfected base. Using the 121 Blush & Bronze Brush, sweep Modern Bronzer across the cheekbones for sculpted definition before lifting Sunset Blush in Piazza with the 123 Precision Powder Brush up the cheeks for a  kiss of colour. Add Skin Dew to the high points of the face for a natural glow.


Shape brows with the 227 Angle Brush before filling in. Using the 119 Conceal & Prime Brush, buff Sand Eye Wand across the lid for a perfected base. Lightly diffuse Peony from The Muse Palette over the lids using the 217 Large Eyeshadow Blender Brush before using the same brush to add soft definition at the outer corners with Beau. Smoke under the eyes with the Mahogany Eye Wand using the 225 Precise Eyeshadow Packer Brush whilst adding sultry definition with Source to the lash line using the same brush.


Create an iconic nude lip by lining the lips with Aphrodyte Modern Lip. Using the 229 Lip & Line Brush, apply Deity Modern Matte Lipstick across the lips.