How to choose blush is a matter of preference. Traditionally cream and liquid blushers were assumed to work well for dry skin types as they have a slight tackiness to them, while powder formulas were recommended for oily to combination skin. However, the new generation powder formulas, like award-winning Sunset Blush, are finely milled and have a satiny texture, making it far easier to build and blend. What’s more you can enhance and set your liquid blushes with a powder blush for a longer-lasting look.

“Regardless of your skin type, go with the texture you feel most comfortable applying and wearing,” suggests expert makeup artist and VIEVE founder, Jamie Genevieve.


While Sunset Blush looks bold in the pan,the finely milled pigments are easily applied in subtle layers and you can enhance to a bold blush look. Want a more natural flush? Give Sunset Blush Balm a go. The radiance imparting liquid blush is enriched with skincare ingredients to give a healthy lift to your complexion.

Here at VIEVE, we didn’t want to overwhelm with hundreds of shades of blush. Instead, we have curated a range of complexion-enhancing colours inspired by hues found in a Mediterranean sunset. Our community fell so in love with our original Sunset Blush shades that when we created Sunset Blush Balm we knew we had to have some of the bestselling hues available in that formula.